Lepidolite Worry Stone

The Lepidolite Worry Stone is a lush crystal quartz that has been lovingly whittled and polished into a perfect palm-sized stone. Complete with a thumb indent for the holder's comfort, worry stones make a mindful tool of beautiful intention that can help guide you through any spiritual quest. 

Lepidolite is known for its harmonious heart and in its celebration of balance. Wherever you are off-kilter, the soft shimmering purple stone will swoop in and help get you back in beautiful alignment. Lepidolite invites us to restructure our energy so that we are free and ready to let go of all those thought patterns that no longer serve us. 

Lepidolite is an amazing chakra charger and aura cleanser, remember this is a stone that sweetens your sense of alignment and to do this; it connects with every inch of your soul to ensure no blockages are binding you. The Lepidolite Worry Stone is one to hold when you feel out of flow. Also called the stone of transition, this shimmering healing crystal is a dab hand at helping you to move into new moon phases and to embrace times of change -no matter how challenging they first may seem. Lepidolite does all of this with the gentlest of care rather than a heavy hand making it one of the most soothing and mindful stones you can stash in your palm or your pocket.


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