Meditation Tea Treatment: Heart Opening

Clear blocked energy, balance your heart chakra, and ease into the flow of love with our Heart Opening Tea Treatment.

Lovingly handcrafted, this enchanting blend of curative herbs has been designed as a facial steam, hair treatment, and mindful self-care experience. Each blend has been thoughtfully paired with a guided meditation led by intuitive healer and certified breathwork guide, Ana Lilia.

Discover the magic of this versatile tea treatment for yourself by following the ritual below, or purchase our "Give and Receive" set which includes a travel size to gift to a friend!

Ritual: Place 2 Tbs of tea (3 for long hair) into a teapot with a strainer,  a bowl, or a clean French press that has no scent of coffee. Pour 2 cups boiling water (3 for long hair) over tea leaves, and drape a towel over your head to capture steam. Breathe deeply as you allow the nourishing botanicals to work their magic in harmony with the 15-minute meditation found at 

After your meditative facial steam, allow tea to steep another 15 min or until warm (not hot). Place a large bowl in the sink, strain tea, and pour gently over clean hair allowing the large bowl to catch the excess. Pour excess tea back into the pouring vessel and repeat 3x. Tea can be left in hair as a leave-in conditioner, or rinsed out for a lighter treatment.

Excess tea can be refrigerated in a clean, airtight container and reused as a hair treatment or leave-in conditioning spray within 8-10 days. 
Ingredients: *Red Rosebuds and Petals, *Egyptian Hibiscus, *Ceremonial Sage, *Chinese Burdock Root, *Indian Eucalyptus Leaf, Wildcrafted Marshmallow Root, *Moroccan Rosemary *Indicates Organic
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