Red Jasper Worry Stone

This piece of polished Red Jasper comes beautifully sculpted with a thumb-sized indentation to sit upon the palm and be fiddled with or worked during times when you crave that extra dose of courage. Red Jasper is one of the handiest crystals to pull out especially when you could use fine-tuned focus, an extra dose of passion, and the courage of a great warrior out on the battlefield. 

Worry Stones come from rough stones of quartz that are turned to smooth polished gemstones that can be held comfortably between the index finger and thumb. These crystals can be used in the moments of meditation or when setting an intention, or even just when you want to channel your energy somewhere and take a physical action to bring out a burst of vitality. Scattered with creative sparks, mired in red hot passion, and with all the grounding force of a wise old tree – Red Jasper keeps you awake, alive, and energized. 

If you are wondering what Red Jasper symbolizes, it is the Stone of Endurance. It speaks to the spirit that keeps going no matter what. It helps the soul to sustain itself no matter the storms that are sweeping the horizon and it keeps you standing strong and in your own personal power, despite the dragons at your door. Red Jasper is here to spice up your life. Along with keeping you strong, it’s not all about the fight but also about the fun too. For those seeking sparks, creative courage, and to laugh in the face of danger, the Red Jasper Worry Stone is your own tiny warrior.


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