Rose Quartz Worry Stone

A blushing crystal to tuck into your pocket or purse, the Rose Quartz Worry Stone can be pulled out any time you feel a flare of negative energy rise up. Closely connected with the harmony of the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz crystal fills us with the lightness of love and serves as a soft reminder that we are worthy, we are capable, and we can ask for tenderness whenever we need it. 

Since the beginning of time, this special rosy-hued quartz crystal has been passed between lovers as a token of two souls entwined. While the Rose Quartz Worry Stone can be gifted as a reminder of a rare bond it also brings its exceptional loving energy to those seeking to self-heal. The storms of life can batter the heart and lead us into dark forests of mistrust. Rose Quartz brings its light and deeply healing energy to guide us wholly back into softer places. It is a stone of deep bonding, glorious grace, and strengthened relationships straight from the heart. 

Love isn’t just an external force, as the Rose Quartz Worry Stone reminds us. Whenever you are feeling vulnerable or unsure, hold this stone in the palm of your hand and let its energy flow right through. It serves as a tactile reminder that the greatest love you can bear in this world can come from within.


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