Smoky Quartz Worry Stone


The Smoky Quartz Worry Stone is an amazing amulet for healing your root chakra. While it likes to dance in the dreamlands, this stone is also heavily connected to the world beneath your feet. It serves as a tether keeping you real and rational even when the waves of negative energy are rolling high. Smoky Quartz was once mined in Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains by the Celts. Like a flash of silver, it is also a warriors stone and a dab hand at helping you overcome any fears or stress anxiety that are holding you back. 

Smoky Quartz also helps you to stay true to your higher purpose. When you are feeling lost or dull of heart, simply sit in quiet meditation with this stone in hand and let that healing quiet energy ripple right through. Palm stones have long been used as a talisman for finding truth and purpose as they absorb and transmute energy. They encourage the mind to quiet and help you to send intentions out into the wider world. 

The Smoky Quartz Worry Stone also seeps into your solar plexus chakra. While the root is where it finds its true calling, this feeds into the solar plexus and helps nurture transformation and change. If you are someone who struggles with change and embracing your personal power then carrying the Smoky Quartz thumb stone can grant you that strength you need to adapt your mindset and thrive.

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