Sodalite Worry Stone

Nicknamed The Poets Stone, the Sodalite Worry Stone is an amazing communication charm to keep tucked away in your pocket. For those who struggle with finding the right words to say or for those who feel like their voice won’t carry against the wind, this pocket-sized stone will keep you lyrically moving in exactly the right direction. 

Smooth, polished, brightened with bursts of sapphire blue and swirls of salty white and with a thumb sized indentation, the Sodalite Worry Stone is here to marry the heart and the head, and to help you make decisions based on balance and integrity. When we make decisions that lead with only the heart it can take us into tempestuous water, when we stick to head based choices it can keep us from swimming in the sweet pools of possibility, when we have a little help in blending both the head and the heart, this is when we are able to soak ourselves to the bone and splash in the waters of potential. 

Whenever you have to face a confrontation, speak your truth, or stand in the light of your own being and need a little extra help, hold the Sodalite Worry Stone and it will grant you the strength, courage, and artful communication you need to get your point across.


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