Tiger Eye Worry Stone

Sometimes you need palm stones or a pocket talisman that helps you to feel like you are in control even when the world around you is throwing up chaos. The Tiger Eye is known as such a protective amulet it was even used on the breastplates of Roman soldiers, it is a fierce protector and having one of these golden quartz crystals slipped into your pocket or resting in the palm of your hand is sure to make you feel safe and secure and ever ready to face the day. 

The Tiger is courageous, strong, and rarely second guesses itself and this is the spirit that the Tiger Eye Worry Stone brings in. It’s a warm-blooded stone and filled with rich earthly energy, bringing strength to your root chakra, and keeping you warm with the spirit of fire. There’s a lot of chi in this smooth pocket-sized thumb stone, meaning that in moments when you feel a slump in energy or like you just don’t have the motivation to carry you through, simply press the Tiger Eye Worry Stone into the palm of your hand and let those high healing vibrations do their work. 

The Tiger Eye Worry Stone is also known as The Shapeshifter, and this speaks to its ability to move in flow with your own unique energy and mood, especially when it comes to connecting with the solar plexus chakra. We are all different and it helps to have healing crystals that work with us and invite us to flourish at our own fine-tuned pace. The Tiger Eye Worry Stone is here to be your protector, nurturer, and new best friend.


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